Tin and Tub Lid Placing Machine V2

V2 lidding machine

This lidding machine has been designed and manufactured to automate the process of placing lids on biscuit, confectionary and other foodstuff containers.

It is suitable for plastic snap lock and metal push fit containers and lids. Operator tool change allows it to be used for different containers and lids.

V2 has several advantages compared to V1. V2 is a twin-track machine, has a 10 position star wheel, is faster, has increased lid capacity and continuous lid feed.

Click here to play a video ( 9Mb .wmv ) of this lidding machine in action.

The main features of the V2 lidding machine are:

  • Places lids on up to 70 containers per minute
  • Variable speed container feed conveyor
  • Variable speed shaker station for content levelling
  • Servo-driven 10 position star wheel
  • Independent dual lid stack transfers, for continuous lid feed
  • Independent servo-driven lid stack lifters, for continuous lid feed
  • Variable speed twin infeed conveyors transport lid stacks into the lidding machine, to place 2 lids simultaneously
  • Solid aluminium construction
  • Chassis mounted locking swivel castors with adjustable foot mounts, to aid the movement of the machine as required
  • Fully guarded and panelled in 12mm clear polycarbonate
  • Interlocked doors, front, rear and both sides, to access the machine and change parts; these cannot be opened while the lidding machine is running
  • Lid placement section picks up lids and places them onto the container.
  • Container orientation section delivers and positions tins for lid placement.
  • tool-less change parts, for different shapes and sizes of containers
  • HMI PV plua panel with full menu, for set up and monitoring of the lidding machine functions
  • AB controls and Festo pneumatics